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February 12, 2018

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Hot topics section

The document recording fee bill passes major milestone in the House
HB 1570 is a priority bill for AWC as we encourage the Legislature to give local communities tools to address conditions on our streets. The bill passed out of the House by a narrow margin. Find out what it does. More

From the director section

The time is right to remind legislators that new policy initiatives have local costs
When legislators consider and enact changes to what cities must do or need to address, fiscal impacts are sometimes available. At other times – particularly if it’s a new idea or responsibility – those impacts are hard to determine. There are several current examples that fall under this category. Read about them and tell your legislators how new costs will impact your city. More

Media time section

City priority: Homelessness, housing, & human services
Homelessness video
Urban and rural communities throughout the state are grappling with increasing challenges on our streets. The number of people experiencing homelessness is growing in many of our communities, spurred on by lack of affordable housing and a poorly-funded mental health and substance abuse system. Cities are struggling to solve these issues with limited resources. Watch this video where AWC Government Relations Advocate Carl Schroeder explores the problem and asks for assistance from the Legislature. Learn how you can help. More

Need to know setion

Economic development
Building business ecosystems bill likely dead. More

Environment & land use
Bills to simplify annexation of “islands” move forward, with some changes. More

General government
Voting Rights Act bill rescheduled for committee action on Thursday. AWC continues to engage with House legislators in working to improve the clarity of language in this bill that pertains to implementation. More

Bill requiring cities to itemize taxes on utility bills moves to Rules. More

Three bills supporting individuals suffering from mental illness pass out of the House. More

Unit price contracting passes Senate. More

Bill limiting city authority to ban marijuana businesses survived committee cutoff dates. More

First responder occupational disease bills alive and awaiting floor action. AWC opposes these costly expansions of occupational disease presumption. More

Bill clarifying use of evidence of law enforcement officer misconduct survives committee cutoff. The bill limits the use of an officer’s name on a prosecutor’s impeachment list. More

Numerous labor relations bills continue to move in the Legislature. More

State Actuary projects pension contribution rates to be lower in 2021-23. More

Bills to address ST3 costs are progressing. More

Washington gets major mitigation funding from VW lawsuit. More

One out of four rideshare bills survives. More

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