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June 5, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced every other week during the special session.

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Hot topic section

How the State Marketplace Fairness Act impacts cities
See the projected revenue for your city if the Legislature enacts a state version of the Marketplace Fairness Act. More

LEOFF 2 contribution shift would hurt cities
The Senate’s proposal to eliminate the state portion of the LEOFF 2 pension contributions is still in play during budget negotiations. More

Property tax bill still in play
Priority property tax bill HB 1764 is still expected to be part of budget negotiations. More

From the director section

Be on the lookout for your call to action
It is critical that legislators are reminded of outstanding city budget and policy priorities. AWC needs your help in reminding legislators what cities need. More

Things you can do section

Five things you can do during special session
The Governor called the Legislature back for a second special legislative session that will end on June 21, and conversations between key negotiators on fiscal committees are occurring now. Here are five actions you can take:

  1. Meet with legislators and give specific examples of why state-shared revenues matter to you.
  2. Invite legislators to a council meeting and discuss how your city relies on state revenues and programs.
  3. Ask for a commitment from your legislators that they won't support a budget deal that reduces the state-shared revenues cities count on.
  4. Talk to your local media and explain how cuts in state-shared revenues would impact your budget.
  5. Read this mailer to discover what's at stake for cities and key messages.


Media time section

Read how two elected officials used their voice to support public works funding
Letter: State must provide money for infrastructure loans, by Don Britain, Kennewick Mayor Pro Tem and Association of Washington Cities Secretary, Tri-City Herald.

State aims to catch up on deferred maintenance, by Scott Hutsell, Lincoln County Commissioner and Public Works Board Chair, Spokesman Review.

Need to know setion

Budget & finance
Cities receiving distributions from the Fire Insurance Premium Tax should remind Senators how changes in the Senate-proposed budget impact them. More

Environment & land use
Legislature still struggling to find fixes for water management issues. More

Homelessness and housing bills have been on the back burner, but are still in play during the special session. More

Progress on local infrastructure funding depends on budget and water negotiations. More

Liquor and Cannabis Board issues decision on Kittitas County marijuana zoning question. More

Open government
Public records bill allows executive sessions for sensitive information technology discussions. More

AWC submits response letter in state agency’s paid sick leave rulemaking process. More

Legislation moves Washington closer to compliance with federal REAL ID law. More

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