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City Awards

Congratulations 2017 Advocacy All-Star Award winners!

AWC’s Advocacy All-Star Awards recognize and celebrate the actions of city officials who consistently advocate for all 281 cities and towns. Officials receiving this award conducted advocacy efforts throughout the 2016 interim and 2017 legislative session.

Curious about how you can become an All-Star? See tips from our Strong Cities Pocket Guide.

We extend our thanks and congratulations to the following award winners.

Dave Asher, Councilmember, Kirkland
In recognition of his efforts to advance the city agenda related to homelessness and housing through advocacy and legislative testimony.

Tom Brubaker, City Attorney, Kent
In appreciation of his expertise and the incredible time and effort he put forth on telecommunications legislation.

Brian Heinrich, Deputy Administrator, Bellingham
In recognition of his great work in engaging with AWC on funding issues and for ensuring strategic outreach to legislators.

Nanette Konishi, Mayor, Rosalia
In appreciation of her continuous efforts to convey issues important to her town and other smaller communities to her legislators, community members and media outlets.

Deborah Needham, Emergency Management Director, Renton
In appreciation of her steadfast work on legislation that helps non-English language residents respond to emergencies.

Ron Onslow, Mayor, Ridgefield
In appreciation of his ongoing engagement with area legislators on city issues, and his presence on the ground in Olympia.

Chris Roberts, Mayor, Shoreline
In recognition of his advocacy for city issues on the ground in Olympia and in Washington D.C., and as a member of AWC’s Legislative Committee.

Alishia Topper, Councilmember, Vancouver
In recognition of her efforts to advance the city agenda related to homelessness and housing, her efforts in developing key stakeholder networks, and her participation in AWC events and activities.

Mike Wallin, Mayor Pro Tem, Longview
In appreciation of his outstanding advocacy work not only for Longview's legislative agenda, but also for the broader city agenda, including protecting shared revenues and the Public Works Assistance Account.

Business licensing team
In appreciation of their work on the Local Business Tax & Licensing Simplification Task Force and ensuring cities maintain local control while helping businesses thrive.

Andrew Cherullo, Finance Director, Tacoma
Kim Krause, Finance Director, Burien
Glen Lee, Finance Director, Seattle

Public records team
In appreciation of their extraordinary efforts in advocating for cities and helping to secure the passage of bills that improved Washington’s Public Records Act.

Sara Di Vittorio, Public Records Deputy Prosecutor, Snohomish County
Jim Hemberry, Mayor, Quincy
Mary Perry, Director of Transparency and Privacy, Seattle Police Department
Jamie Stephens, Councilmember, San Juan County
Whitney Stevens, Former Public Records Officer, Snohomish County

Past award winners