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Workers' Comp Retro


Our training helps you provide a safe work environment and meet statutory requirements.

Retro Safety Academy

Are you responsible for your jurisdiction’s safety program? Retro Safety Academy is an excellent opportunity for your organization to strengthen its safety culture and awareness. We encourage all AWC Workers’ Comp Retro members to have at least one person attend this training. Attendees bring practical safety suggestions, samples, and tools back to their workplace.

Site-specific training

Do you have specific training needs? Examples include bloodborne pathogen control and hazardous chemical communication (GHS). Let us help you figure out how to best address your safety training needs. Contact retro@awcnet.org for more information.

Retro safety incentive

This program gives an incentive to members that promote a safer workplace provide by providing safety training to field workers. Members with field employees who attain Retro Safety Coordinator status can receive a Safety Incentive Award.

Member Expo

Held each fall, this conference helps you get the information you need to make your job easier, reduce risks, utilize free member resources, and save your city money. This free conference is free to AWC Workers’ Comp Retro members.