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Training & Education

Annual Conference sessions – A preview

AWC’s Annual Conference offers something for everyone. Some of our conferences sessions will include:

Lessons learned from an officer involved shooting in Pasco
Learn how a community deals with the aftermath of a major police event.

Professional city management: What? Why? & When?
Hear stories of growth and change presented by an experienced panel of mayors and professional staff.

Times are uncivil and residents don’t want to engage
Sound familiar? Let’s fix it!

Growing your local innovation economy: Best practices, lessons learned, and next steps
Identify what steps local leaders can take to implement and grow their own local innovation economies.

Community in bloom: Including the neighborhood
Gain usable tools for attracting different cultural groups with language differences that go beyond the basics of city public hearing testimony.

Youth and young adult homelessness in Washington State
Engage in a discussion about the role of local communities in addressing youth homelessness and hear about the homelessness & housing toolkit for cities.

What is this new kind of park?
Forget what you think you know about what makes a park and open your mind to the future of open space.

Leading optimistically
Identify 4 optimism killers and recount methods for improving positivity.

Winning at the Robert’s rules game
Leverage the key rule for effective discussion at meetings.

GIS: Building smarter communities
GIS can assist cities with asset management, workflow efficiency, community engagement, stopping the loss of institutional knowledge and more.

Introduction to the Tukwila Police Department Community Liaison Team
Develop an outline for establishing a community outreach team with your police department.

Community engagement
Identify indicators or metrics for tracking and sharing progress.

Tribal connections
Consider ways cities can work more effectively with tribal neighbors.

From chaos to communication: Working with the media
Get your key points addressed accurately and make things happen.

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