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Training & Education

Sponsored by AWC Drug and Alcohol Consortium

Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training

2018 dates to be announced.

The U.S. Department of Transportation regulation mandates that all supervisors of CDL employees, transit or gas utility workers or any employee who might consult on a reasonable suspicion determination must receive one hour of training in drug awareness and one hour of training in alcohol abuse.

During the supervisor training, you will:

  • Review the U.S. DOT mandates for drug and alcohol testing.
  • Learn how state and federal updates have impact on the testing procedure.
  • Review the criteria for conducting a reasonable suspicion test.
  • Learn the difference between reasonable suspicion and performance problems.
  • Using a constructive approach, discuss how best to confront an employee with reasonable suspicion or performance issues.
  • Discuss "real scenarios" and how best to deal with the tough employment questions.
  • Review signs and effects of substance abuse (required by law) but also learn the dangers of diagnosing.

This workshop is for any supervisor of CDL employees, transit or gas utility workers. We encourage supervisors to attend the 3-hour training at least every two years. All new supervisors are required to attend, as well as employees who might consult on a reasonable suspicion determination. The Designated Employer Representatives for AWC Drug & Alcohol Consortium members will also receive valuable information from this training.


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Melissa Taylor