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Loss Prevention grant program

Our Loss Prevention Grants give members the funds to cover costs for various risk management projects to reduce and eliminate exposures.

Qualifying projects

Have you identified a specific property or liability exposure in your city? Do you have an idea about how to prevent potential losses? RMSA’s Loss Prevention Grant program gives you a financial boost to realize your project goals.

Examples of successful projects include:

  • Projects that reduce property and liability exposures
  • Partnerships between RMSA members
  • Projects that correct findings identified in loss prevention inspections

There is no reimbursement for purchases or projects that start prior to the grant application approval. The reimbursement is for project completion cost, not to exceed the amount of the grant award. Incomplete projects will not receive reimbursement.

Submit an application…or two!

We welcome and encourage members to submit multiple applications. The amount of each grant requested can vary, based upon the cost of the project involved. No more than $5,000 will be awarded in total to an individual member. Applications are awarded based upon AWC RMSA staff’s evaluation of how the proposed project/purchase will reduce risk. All applications will receive an award or denial response within 30 days of submission.

Grant application form