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June 14, 2017

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Annual conference logoI scream, you scream, we all scream for the AWC Annual Business Meeting
June 22 | Vancouver
Attend the AWC Business Meeting to elect your Board of Directors – the people who guide your association's activities. There will be ice cream! Find out if your city has submitted voting delegate information and see who is running for the board. Hurry, the deadline to submit your city’s delegates is tomorrow, June 15. Not coming to Conference? You can still attend the meeting! More

Soul patches: How culture and heritage nourish community spirit
This edition of Cityvision examines how art is shaped by and helps shape your community values. Discover how cities are using art to reflect their local culture. Marysville details their new opera house, Colfax celebrates its ghosts, and La Conner’s Mayor talks about his city’s quality of life. More

Annual Conference regular rate expires soon
June 20-23 | Vancouver, WA
AWC Annual Conference is next week. Don’t miss out! The regular rate expires on Monday, June 19. After that, walk-in attendee registrations will be accepted in Vancouver for the onsite rate. We hope to see you there! Find everything you need to know about the conference including schedule, logistics, and what to do in Vancouver. More

RMSA Annual Meeting & Dinner – Get a loss prevention grant
June 22 | Vancouver, WA
RMSA members are invited to attend the RMSA Annual Meeting & Dinner held in conjunction with the AWC Annual Conference. Members can attend in person or watch the broadcast. Each RMSA member entity that is represented will be awarded a loss prevention grant. Those who attend in person can earn $500; those who attend the broadcast can earn $250. More

EPA releases guide on parks and stormwater
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new guide that encourages partnerships between park agencies and stormwater agencies. Green infrastructure can maximize the environmental, economic, and social benefits of parks. The report recommends projects that are most likely to attract positive attention and funding. More

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Leadership is key
Small City Resource Manual | Chapter 2
Community leadership, the ability to responsivlely address the needs of a city, is a key element of successful governance. Refresh your understanding of roles and responsibilities, leadership, and management in this month’s installment of the Small City Resource Manual: Chapter 2.

The Small City Resource Manual was developed to make life a little easier around city hall, especially for cities of fewer than 5,000 people. Each chapter tackles a different topic and includes relevant resources you may also find helpful. We’ll feature other chapters in the coming months or you can review the manual in its entirety here.

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Kennewick Mayor Steve Young writes PWTF opinion
Check out this Tri-City Herald guest opinion where Mayor Young uses history and local impacts to describe how the Public Works Trust Fund has helped build infrastructure in his community. Through facts, educational background, and a call to action, Mayor Young lays the groundwork for community engagement on an important city priority. More

Strong Cities, Great State logoCommunicate with your local media
Want to educate your residents about an important local legislative issue? Use tips from our pocket guide to help:

  • Develop a relationship with your local media. You can educate community members about what your city needs while also holding legislators accountable.
  • Choose an issue where the benefit to real people is very clear.
  • Be honest and clear about which legislators are helping and who you still need help from.
  • Draft an opinion editorial and submit it to your local paper; follow up with a call to the editor.
  • There is power in numbers. Join forces with your neighboring communities if you share similar challenges.

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Municipal budgeting & fiscal management workshop Certificate of Municipal Leadership program
July 13-14 | Leavenworth
A city's budget document is one of the most important documents you have. It's more than a bunch of numbers – it's your primary tool for prioritizing and addressing your community's needs. This annual workshop is designed to give both novice and expert budgeters the skills to enhance their budget document by weaving in performance measures, understanding how to spot red flags early, and engaging citizens so city priorities reflect the greater community. Register now!

AWC trainings & events

AWC Annual ConferenceCertificate of Municipal Leadership program

June 20-23

Vancouver, WA

RMSA Annual Meeting & Dinner

June 22

Vancouver, WA

Municipal budgeting & fiscal management workshopCertificate of Municipal Leadership program

July 13-14


Other trainings

DOR local government partnership

June 15

Moses Lake

PAW sign code updates training

June 23

Mercer Island

U.S. Supreme Court review

July 13


NW Economic Development course

August 21-24


Eastern WA Stormwater Management Manual update
June 27 | Webinar
The Washington State Department of Ecology and others are updating the Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington. The manual will guide stormwater management in Eastern Washington for years to come. Your input helps create guidance that protects water quality while being useful and applicable to Eastern Washington communities. Attend the project webinar. More

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