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City awards

Apply now

The competition is open to any Washington city or town. Entries are submitted by category; each category has one winner. Entries can either be electronic or mailed. A completed entry must include:

  • Municipal Excellence entry form
  • Project statement (approximately 50 word explanation of project)
  • Project summary. Take a look at the helpful hints listed below for items that will be considered during the competition judging. *Most applications are 1 – 3 pages.
  • You may also include photos or other materials that support your entry. Materials will only be returned upon request.

Entry deadline is March 27, 2017!

Email your entry to muniexawards@awcnet.org. Materials can also be mailed to AWC, 1076 Franklin St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501.

Questions? Call Karen Tanner at AWC, 360-753-4137 or karent@awcnet.org.

Award categories

Consider entering any project or program that was in place within the past two years. No limit on entries per city; however, you must choose only one category per entry. What can you enter for 2017?

Community culture and art

An arts-based approach can introduce vitality into any community. How are you developing your city’s creative side to foster community social and emotional well-being?

Economic development

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often drive job creation and innovation in local economies. What strategies and collaborations have you pursued to create a more business-friendly city?

Public works

What big or small public works project has your city taken on? During this challenging fiscal time, how have you marshalled innovative ways to get the job done?

Small city success

Small cities are unique. Cities and towns with populations less than 7,500 may enter this category and any type of project is eligible.


Youth are the future of our cities. How have you engaged and empowered youth in your community to affect meaningful change in your city and neighborhoods?

Helpful hints

Judges look for these elements in your entry:

  • Did you clearly explain all program aspects?
  • How well did the program achieve its goals? Be sure to clearly state your objectives and accomplishments.
  • How well did you use your resources? Talk about your budget, any grants you received, and highlight any person-power behind your project.
  • What is the program’s current and long term community value? Did your program have community support?
  • Can other cities or towns learn from your program and adapt your ideas to their community?