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Published on Friday, February 9, 2018

State approved for $112.7 million in VW lawsuit

The State of Washington has been approved to receive $112.7 million from the Volkswagen lawsuit.

In the fall of 2016, Volkswagen agreed to a $14.7 billion deal arising from its diesel emissions cheating scandal that rocked the nation and world in 2015. Volkswagen was found to have intentionally developed and incorporated computer programs for their cars to deceive U.S. emissions monitors. Called a “consent decree,” the agreement between Volkswagen and the government represents the largest civil settlement worldwide ever with an automaker. States and tribes were required to apply to the settlement trustee, Wilmington Trust, to become a beneficiary of these funds.

Wilmington Trust announced on Jan. 29 that Washington was approved to receive $112.7 million of these funds. The money will be used to reduce and eliminate diesel emissions and promote electric vehicle usage. Another $2 billion will be made available to states on a competitive basis to promote electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the development of zero-emissions ride-sharing fleets and other efforts to boost sales of cars that do not burn petroleum.

The Department of Ecology has been overseeing the process. In a statement from Ecology, “The $112.7 million federal Volkswagen settlement represents an unprecedented opportunity to improve Washington’s transportation sector and reduce harmful air pollution. To best manage this opportunity, Ecology developed the VW Steering Committee to help guide and shape the state’s plan.”

To learn more about the Steering Committee, what they have been working on, and their upcoming work, visit Ecology's website.

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