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About us

Our 281 cities and towns

Washington’s 281 cities and towns are diverse. That’s why we work together to create and sustain 281 strong cities. When the entire city family is strong, cities and the state flourish.

AWC member cities

AWC consistently maintains 100% participation from Washington's 281 cities and towns. View a list and interactive map of our cities and towns.

What is a city?

Cities provide a sense of place, a network of relationships. Cities house our economic centers, and as people change jobs, decide to raise a family, or go to school, they settle in cities and towns with a quality of life that fits their lifestyle.

Cities 101 videos

You asked, and we answered! We’ve heard that city officials want fresh new ways to communicate the value of cities and towns to their community. In response, we’ve created a Cities 101 video series to share within your community.

Strong Cities, Great State

Bringing cities and towns together to achieve greater results and deliver stronger services is at the heart of AWC’s Strong Cities, Great State campaign.